Merchant Services for Restaurants

Selecting a payment processor for a restaurant or bar is a big decision.

Restaurant Payment Processing

No matter whether you own a quick-serve food truck or an exquisite restaurant, it’s challenging to build and keep a strong customer base. That’s why owners do everything possible to satisfy their clients. And today, the majority of customers would prefer to pay with a card.

Do You Need Merchant Services for Your Restaurant?

The payment processing landscape isn’t the easiest one to navigate. But partnering with a reliable card processing company will enable business owners to track sales, cash flow, food inventory and even simplify your bookkeeping substantially.

The high volume of cash and credit cards that pass through a restaurant every day make a POS system essential. Besides tracking all your sales, a POS system can act as a credit card processor, help prepare payroll, as well as track everything from food usage to the most popular menu items.

In a wake of global pandemic food delivery has become an essential part of people’s lives as well as a tool for small businesses to survive in these difficult times. That’s why being able to accept online payments among others is so important today. Online payments enable you to accept telephone, mail order and online payments for food deliveries, packaged goods and more.

Why Us?

With USProPay, you can provide your diners with the convenience, transparency and security of various kinds of payment, while getting access to marketing and management programs that can help your business expand. Naturally, you want to make a profit on every transaction.

USProPay understands that, that’s why we offer the lowest processing rates in the payments industry. Provide your clients with a variety of options while making payment processing simple and seamless — contact us today.

Pricing Plans

US Processing Payments is dedicated to providing the low prices while providing you with software like Invoicing, Recurring Billing, ACH payments, and a Payments Page. Easy plugins connect to POS systems, Shopping Carts, QuickBooks and the card reader of your choice. No risk, no upfront fees, and no cancelation fees.

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