Clover POS Station

Clover Station is developed for merchants who want to simplify and centralize payment acceptance.

Clover POS Station

From inventory and employee management to payments and reporting, Clover Station is developed for merchants who want to simplify and centralize payment acceptance, customer engagement, and operations management using one integrated device.

Clover POS Station

Clover POS Station is the right choice for every company that looks forward to starting accepting payments and running business using an all-in-one, flexible point-of-sale system.

Clover Station POS System includes all the functionality needed for processing customer payments, printing receipts, tracking customers’ transactions, etc. Clover POS Station is the way to go for every small to large-sized business looking for an opportunity to manage their business in an advanced style.

The main features of the Clover POS Station include:

  • Inventory Management. You can set up items, categories, and modifiers, move and transfer orders, and add items to partially paid orders.
  • Clover POS Station is bundled with such apps as Orders, Register, Promos, Rewards, Employees, Reporting, etc.
  • You can apply discounts at the order level.
    Set up and automatically apply taxes at the item level.
  • Accept contactless and traditional payments, paperless receipts, and offline payment modes.
  • Track sales with item-level reporting.
  • Set up employee logins and access permissions.

Using Clover POS Station is an efficient method for checking out customers and receiving payments. Clover POS Station is a technological breakthrough for many reasons compared to traditional POS systems.

It is easy and intuitive to use and helps you make your business smarter and more data-driven.

If you want to bring your business to the next level, using Clover POS Station is the best choice.

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