Point of Sale Solutions

POS options to help you take yours where you want it to go.

Point of Sale Solutions

USProPay has a variety of POS options to help you take yours where you want it to go. If you need a versatile POS for whatever comes next, we have the point-of-sale software that will best support you and your unique business needs.

POS Software Solutions

Point of sale solutions is not just ordinary cash registers. With the integration with mobile devices and cloud services, they have evolved to do much more.

You may use POS solutions with back-end accounting systems and credit card payment processors many small to midsize businesses use.

Modern POS applications seamlessly integrate with other back-end applications, including customer relationship management and inventory management solutions.

When talking about point of sale solutions, most people commonly refer to the client-based or cloud-based software. That’s because it’s the software that lets you track sales, issue receipts, and perform other kinds of office-based functions, like replacing inventory, tracking what sells and what doesn’t, watching employee productivity, etc.

POS solutions support a wide range of new payment systems that your customers may use. Even if most of your clients use only one of two payment methods, the choice may expand in the future. Your business should be ready to upgrade to support all of them. With the POS system in place, your brand gets the needed flexibility to integrate with new payment methods rather than to swap out a new system.

PCI compliance is a key component of any credit card company’s security protocol. It is generally regarded as mandatory by credit card organizations and discussed in credit card network agreements. Monitoring, assessments, and audits of PCI Standards are an integral part of the business’s security department.

Using POS applications, you can handle all the payment methods you and your customers need. It includes cash, checks, and credit and debit cards. Some point of sale solutions also accepts contactless payment types, like Apple Pay and Amazon Pay.

Pricing Plans

US Processing Payments is dedicated to providing the lowest pricing while providing you with software like Invoicing, Recurring Billing, ACH payments, and a Payments Page. Easy plugins connect to POS systems, Shopping Carts, QuickBooks and the card reader of your choice. No risk, no upfront fees, and no cancelation fees.

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