Fitness Merchants Services

We offer payment processing services for all types of businesses in the fitness industry.

Fitness Merchant Services

In the wake of today’s healthy lifestyle and wellness trends, owning a business in the fitness industry tends to be highly profitable and prevalent. Nowadays gym owners require reliable and straightforward payment processing solutions, since the traditional ways of payment processing like by check aren’t efficient and up-to-date anymore.

Payment Solutions for Businesses in the Fitness Industry

In order to give the customers a sense of satisfaction and trust, merchants need to accept various kinds of payments such as credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments, contactless payments, online payments, gift cards, and more. Modern fitness merchant services should offer quick and easy payment options to ensure premier customer experience while your business can accept payments in a simple, streamlined process.

Credit cards and debit cards as well as contactless solutions are progressively replacing cash and checks as the most frequently used payment method. USProPay offers payment processing services for all types of businesses in the fitness industry. We work with everyone from personal trainers to multi-location gyms, yoga studios and fitness clubs.

At USProPay, we understand the challenges and intricacies of the fitness industry and our payment processing solutions are catered specifically to your needs. With our customized solutions, from eCommerce platforms to online payments and gift cards – we can assist you with digitizing your business.

USProPay can help you accept credit cards and debit cards payments and still keep your costs low. Also, it is our priority to ensure the protection of important data by our technology.

So rest assured, our card readers are always encrypted and secure.

If you are looking for a way to streamline your payments – our services and state-of-the-art products will help you get there. Contact us to get started.

Pricing Plans

US Processing Payments is dedicated to providing the low prices while providing you with software like Invoicing, Recurring Billing, ACH payments, and a Payments Page. Easy plugins connect to POS systems, Shopping Carts, QuickBooks and the card reader of your choice. No risk, no upfront fees, and no cancelation fees.

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