Contactless Payment Processing Solutions

Contactless payments are becoming more common every day.

Contactless Payments

Since technology is advancing rapidly nowadays, contactless payment methods are being introduced to the U.S and they are becoming more common every day. The majority of transactions are processed on NFC-enabled payment terminals and this number continues to increase as well.

What are contactless payments?

There are two main forms of contactless payments: app or mobile wallet payment and using a card that has contactless technology embedded into it. Either way, consumers need to simply hold the card or their smartphone near the card reader to complete the transaction. Contactless payment allows customers to buy stuff or obtain services without having to insert or swipe the card into a POS device, handle the card to personnel or enter PINs. This ensures better customer service and satisfaction since more transactions can be processed in less time which reduces client wait time. This also means that customers can have a more positive experience and more clients can be served.

Using NFC technologies, tap-to-pay payments allow faster, more convenient, and more secure contactless transactions. Touchless payment provides better encryption and security than regular credit or debit cards that use magnetic strips and PINs. Moreover, mobile wallets require to verify transactions with a PIN, password, fingerprint or facial recognition before a contactless payment can be made. Therefore, mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. are becoming more and more popular due to their simplicity and security.

The Influence of the Pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced consumers to rethink how they shop and make payments in order to avoid the transmission of the disease. the spread of NFC payment terminals and nearly every major U.S. bank issuing contactless cards ensured a rapid increase in contactless transactions.

One of the numerous challenges business owners are facing in the wake of the pandemic is the constant sanitization that is required between customer interactions. However, touchless payments have proven to be an effective solution that decreases the number of times a POS system needs to be sanitized.

Depending on your current POS technology, it may require an upgrade to support NFC transactions, or it can be advanced with the right software. Either way, US Processing Payments can help guide you along the way. We know how overwhelming it might seem, but our team can expertly match you with personalized recommendations to help you find the best solution.

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