Integrations for Online, CRM, or Billing System

Synchronous Payment Integrations

Under the hood of your business lives an entanglement of digital processes. Each performs a vital function of its own merit. If these functions don’t operate in sync, compatibility issues can become a massive headache. Getting more out of your business investments can be achieved by synchronizing all your vital systems together efficiently.

For many business owners, those efficiencies start with an integrated payment system. Integrated payment systems connect your business’s critical payment processing functions with other essential business systems such as payroll and customer relationship management systems.

By aligning these channels with the right integrated POS solutions, it streamlines your business payment processing tasks. It improves the customer experience and allows all your business interconnected systems to be synchronous.

Our Integrated payment systems solutions offer seamless performance that optimizes back-office business operations. By improving the functionality of each piece, integrated payment systems help to strengthen your business structure overall.

Benefits of Integrated Payments Technology

Through automation, integrated payments systems streamline accounting operations.  Save time and bypass the time-consuming task of reconciling transaction data at the end of the day.

With real-time updates, your integrated ledger enables you to see immediate transaction history, providing you with more intuitive insight and better reporting. Manual accounting is time-consuming and often leads to data entry errors. With our integrated payment systems solutions, transactions are automatically entered into the software and applied to the ledger. Reduce costly human mistakes and improve your business efficiency while enjoying cost-savings integrated payments can provide for your business.

Another benefit of Integrated payment systems is their ability to speed up cash flow and put more money in your bank account. With our credit card payment integration, payments automatically post to your account securely.

Integration for Credit Card Processing

Safe, Secure, and Reliable Payments

The security of your business data is a critical component of safeguarding your business overall. Especially true with customers’ payment data. Thieves value personal account information, and it’s the prize that fraudsters seek to find in data breaches. The Integrated payment system solutions we offer include the hardware, software, and, critically, the services required to accept payments safely and securely.

Integrated payment systems offer value-added business services like EMV, tokenization, and end-to-end encryption, contributing to a higher standard of payment security and better access and visibility into their daily business operations. Tokenization is a very effective way to protect stored customer card data; encryption protocols protect data while transmitted between systems.

Retaining customer credit card data is convenient for recurring billing and facilitates a faster online shopping experience also safeguarded with tokenization. Tokenization technologies replace a customer’s credit card account information with a unique series of characters and numbers referred to as a token. The randomly generated tokens mask the actual card number and can only be deciphered by the bank during the authorization process.

Safe, secure, reliable payments that maintain data privacy and integrity are critical to protecting your business reputation and maintaining your valued customers’ trust. Improve consumer confidence and retention rates for your business with Integrated payment systems solutions from US Processing Payments.

Our commitment to proving world-class security solutions is what sets us apart from our competitors. We take the time to understand how any potential solution we offer can serve your business’s long-term interests.  We look for solutions that secure credit card transactions while minimizing the potential risk for fraud.

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Team work

CRM & API Payment Integrations

Utilizing one of our Integrated payment solutions helps your business increase its income potential by improving customer service and their experience. Along with the increased security our solutions offer, they also enable your staff to assist your customers better.

Before your customer ever reaches the sales floor or dining table, integrated customer relationship management software has already begun engagement with the customer.  Our integrated CRM solutions perform as a database for your business, filled with detailed customer information. It tracks previous customer interactions and helps to improve your marketing efforts by providing more precise targeted promotions. Like accounting and ERP software, CRM integrations automatically update your customers’ data and interactions for detailed reporting.

Along with tracking your customers’ purchasing history and behaviors, our payment integration solutions also help keep a detailed inventory level, sales, and deliveries. Get a better understanding of what items are in stock, transit, or what product needing replenishment.


Tailored Solutions and Service

We offer a wide array of integrated payment systems tailored to virtually every type of business use case and budget. With so many options available, sorting through them all can be intimidating to some business owners. Connect with one of our credit card payment integration specialist to discover what integrated payment systems solution is right for your business.

With US Processing Payments, we pair each client with a dedicated account manager to provide assistance and support along the way.  Whether you have questions about integrated POS Terminals, CRM payment processing, or fraud prevention techniques, our agents are ready to offer top-notch service to you.

We invite you to take advantage of our no-risk, no upfront fee, and no cancelation fee guarantee. Get started today and receive our low merchant processing fees, starting from 0.2% + 10 cents per transaction.

Whether you need to establish a new card merchant processing account or setup payment gateway integrations, US Processing Payments is standing by to help. The trained experts at US Processing Payments know what payment solutions are best for businesses, both large and small.

For expert advice and world-class customer service, contact us by phone from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Time at 1-888-3788-2201, Monday throughout Friday.


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