Level 3 Payment Processing

Level 3 processing solutions by USProPay

Level 3 Payment Processing

Level 3 processing solutions by USProPay are utilized in B2B and B2G transactions to help them secure lower interchange rates and monitor their spending.

Level 3 Payment Processing

Level 3 Payment Processing was developed to prevent excess government spending. Credit Card Companies designed special interchange rates in order to support Purchase Card programs by decreasing the merchant transaction costs if Level-3 line item data is transmitted with the payment.

Visa and Mastercard have different interchange categories for level 3 transactions, hence providing all the data can lead to savings if your company accepts many credit cards that are level 3 eligible.

Who Needs Level 3 Processing?

Level 3 Credit Card Processing was created for Business-2-Business and Business-2-Government transactions. It demands the capture of specific line item information that specifies:

  • what is being purchased
  • how the sale takes place
  • who is involved in the transaction
  • when it takes place

Level 3 Processing integrates all this data with the basic payment data and delivers it electronically to the issuer.

Level 3 Processing helps large organizations monitor and track their spending by collecting a set of extra line-item details. Level 3 Processing is used in B2B and B2G transactions to help secure lower interchange rates for Visa and Mastercard transactions. It involves the input of more specified data through extra line-item details that further outline transactions for both the business and credit card companies.

This extra data is reported back to Visa and Mastercard which enables businesses to keep track of, receive applicable sales tax detail, and set restrictions on purchases made with a company card. This allows any business to better stay on top of their spending, ensuring that their funds are best utilized to further their operations.

Is Level 3 Really Worth It?

For businesses that accept a lot of purchasing or government cards – the answer is definitely yes. With USProPay, Level 3 Payment Processing can produce significant savings for your business. This is especially true for organizations that have high average tickets. Generally, if you’re a government contractor, sell to wholesalers, or just have a lot of B2B transactions, you should set up level 3 credit card processing.

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