ACH Payment Processing

We can help you to easily set up an ACH merchant account so that you could accurately track all your ACH payments.

ACH Payment Processing

Chances are that as a consumer you are already familiar with ACH payments, although you might not even realize it. If you pay your bills electronically or receive direct deposits, the ACH payment processing is probably at work.

What is ACH Payment Processing?

ACH payments, which stands for automated clearing house payments are used synonymously with ACH transfers as a means to facilitate money transfers between bank accounts through a computerized electronic network.

Also known as “direct payments,” ACH check processing is a way to transfer money without using paper checks, wire transfers, cash, etc. The primary function of an ACH processing solution is to provide customers with a flexible payment option and accept electronic checks efficiently and securely.

ACH payments are transmitted electronically for faster authorization, lower processing costs, better customer experience and simplified transactions.

How does ACH Processing Work?

ACH merchant services are used as an alternative to accepting paper checks and credit cards in order to help small businesses process payments quickly and securely, providing an edge over the competition.

The automated clearing house transfer is similar to the traditional paper check process, however the payment is verified and sent electronically through a NACHA-compliant system for transfer of funds, thereby helping to automate and streamline accounting. The funds move promptly through the ACH network, with the funds deposited into the receiving bank account within a few business days.

ACH payment processing is particularly helpful for paying recurring bills especially for small businesses. Since it generally costs less to process an ACH transfer than a credit card payment or wire transfer, the savings from accepting recurring payments for your business can be substantial.

Whether your clients need one-time payment or recurring billing, USProPay can handle all of your payment processing needs. We can help you to easily set up an ACH merchant account so that you could accurately track all your ACH payments. Contact us to get started.

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