Things to Know About Accepting NFC Mobile Payments

October 25, 2022

NFC payments use near-field communication technology to exchange data between readers and Apple Pay and Google Pay e-wallets. To work smoothly and complete the contactless transactions, the two devices should be less than 2 inches apart.

How do NFC mobile payments work?

The NFC chips are activated to complete a transaction when the payment and reader devices are placed close. For the users’ security, e-wallets only communicate with NFC readers when the dedicated application is activated on the user’s smartphone.

How Customers Pay With NFC?

A customer can use both a payment card and a smart device to pay with NFC. The technology is activated when the card is placed or tapped against an NFC-enabled payment terminal. People can also use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Cash App (by Square) on their smartphones and oyster devices supporting the mentioned applications to pay with NFC.

How Can Merchants Implement NFC Mobile Payments?

To implement NFC mobile payments, a merchant should have an NFC-enabled reader and a credit card processing plan accepting e-wallet payments. Processing fees for NFC payments are similar to credit card-present transactions. The charges commonly vary depending on your specific merchant details.

NFC Payments Often Deepen Customer Engagement

Customers should have the freedom to choose their preferred payment method. More than 40% of users prefer digital wallet payments and 37% of consumers prefer paying for services and goods in a contactless way.

EMV and NFC: what’s the difference?

EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa.” EMV cards feature tiny computer chips. Cash cards are dipped, not swiped. NFC cards feature RFID technology.

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