How to Accept Apple Pay at Your Small Business

September 23, 2022

How to Accept Apple Pay at Your Small Business

A modern user expects your business to support the most popular payment processing methods. You should support credit card payments and let your customers pay online. What about the possibility of processing payments with Apple Pay?

Why accept Apple Pay

Every modern business should accept Apple Pay for two major reasons – speed and security. Apple Pay provides customers with an extra level of security and gives you the desired speed of processing payments from your clients’ credit cards.

How does Apple Pay work?

Apple uses the tokenization process to prevent fraud and identity theft. The process begins when a customer first sets up the Apple Pay application. They take a picture of the person’s credit card, which Apple uses to contact the client’s bank. Next, they replace the credit card details with a token sent back to Apple and stored in the customer’s phone. The app uses the token to process the payment when a person buys something.

Is Apple Pay free for merchants?

Apple Pay is free for consumers and businesses. All that merchants need to pay for is the processing terminal.

Is Apple Pay secure?

As we’ve already mentioned, Apple Pay is one of the safest payment processing payments available today. Besides the tokenization method mentioned above, the encrypted data associated with credit cards is always changing. It makes payment information difficult to hack.

What hardware do you need to accept Apple Pay?

You need a point-of-sale terminal that accepts contactless credit cards, Google Pay or Apple Pay. If you are not yet accepting contactless payments, contact your payment processor and ask them to help you set up your point of sale terminal or set up Apple Pay.

How do I accept Apple Pay?

To get started with Apple Pay, you need to take the following steps:

  • Get an NFC-enabled payment terminal.
  • Set up the reader and ensure that it works.
  • Train your staff on accepting payment on both the business and customer sides.
  • When everything is set up, test the terminal by asking your customers to pay with Apple Pay.

USProPay Solutions to work with Apple Pay

At US Processing Payments, you can get an NFC-enabled payment terminal that accepts payments with Apple Pay and lets you start accepting your customers’ payments safely and promptly.

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